The Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus! (WRRWRR)

    The 5th Annual Wild Raw Holiday Rumpus begins….

    This holiday season, I am holding 3 Raw Rumpus Sessions / Raw Cup Tournaments!


    1. The Thanksgiving Rumpus (Mon Nov 13th – Sun Nov 26th 2017) – as an alternative to Thanksgiving fare, includes a raw thanksgiving feast!

    2. The Mid-Holiday Rumpus (Mon Dec 4th – Sun Dec 17th 2017) – as a cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a remedy to holiday feasting!

    3. The Christmas Rumpus (Mon Dec 18th – Sun Dec 31st 2017) – as a preparation for the 21 Day New Years Cleanse

    As a Holiday Special I am offering all three Rumpus Sessions included in the price of one Rumpus Session! So when you sign up below you’ll be able to participate in just one, or any two, or all three of the above sessions; it’s all up to you!

    The Raw Rumpus is a 100% raw vegan 1-week menu plan using a system of raw foods that I have used many times successfully for rapid weight release. We repeat the menu plan twice in each Rumpus Session and support each-other via our private online Rumpus Community!

    New Feedback from Rumpus Member:


    Christa emailed me regarding her photos above….

    “Here is my two week comparison photos for this last raw rumpus. I have always been a lifelong vegetarian. So, my skin always does reflect that. Even so, my husband says I appear to ‘glow’ more than before. My skin also appears more hydrated. The biggest changes though are in my energy levels. I have a lot more initiative, drive, mental focus and energy. For a woman approaching the menopausal 50, I also don’t feel as cranky, creaky and puffy. I also have been dealing with lymphedema the past number of years, from working a job that was VERY physically demanding, especially in my legs. I noticed most of the signs of that have completely disappeared, and only after about 4 to 5 days into the Rumpus. I also notice I don’t feel as bloated and gassy in my gut. Interestingly, I haven’t been getting as many of the cravings for the cooked food that I had before either. I’m just not as tempted for some reason. Even when I give in, it just doesn’t taste as good as I imagined it would. – Christa

    Bonus Gifts! — Order now and receive an additional one-week menu plan “The Vital Force Diet System” with unique new raw recipes and the new “Next Level Raw” eBook that includes the “fat after-burner” workout method as Bonus gifts for absolutely free! (over $75 worth of bonus gifts!)


    Real feedback from real Rumpus participants!

    Rhiannon (pictured above) did the Rumpus and emailed me:

    I have released 40 pounds so far on a raw food vegan diet (for the most part.)  I am 5’1″ and my highest weight at the end of 2009 was 153.  I am now 113. I am 35 yrs old and look better than I did in all of my 20’s just like your photos as well!  :-)
    – Rhiannon


    I am grateful for the last two weeks.  Of all your programs I have participated in, I got the most from this one.  Not sure if it was the simple recipes, set menu, point system, or if I was desperate enough to make it work, but something clicked  this time and I am on my way.  I did keep track of my points and found that extremely helpful. My daughter followed along with me and racked up 57,710 points in the food, water, and exercise portion; she didn’t blog or journal.  She also lost 20 pounds and has embraced the raw vegan lifestyle.
    Many Blessings!
    – Connie

    About The Rumpus…

    The Rumpus includes a fun competition for The Raw Cup! (optional). It is a tournament in which participants compete in teams, earning points for their teams with a system of points given to themselves for each healthy choice made. The tournament adds an element of fun and competitive inspiration to going raw and therefore helps you meet your health and fitness goals!

    This system has made a radical difference for many people who realized that to their surprise they found it much easier to make healthy choices, resist temptations and exercise more when they could earn points for their team by doing so!

    Right now we are including Storm’s Fat After-Burner Concept eBook in the Rumpus. This simple System helped me to release a significant amount of belly fat in the first week!

    Christa and her hubby before and after 4 weeks on the Raw Rumpus Menu!

    Christa and her hubby before and after 4 weeks on the Raw Rumpus Menu! – Wow!!!

    The Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus (WRR-WRR) System….

    8:00 AM – Glass of water with juice of 1/2 a lemon

    9:00 AM – Green Smoothie

    12:00 Noon – Big Salad

    3:00 PM – Nut or Seed Milk

    6:00 PM – Green Lemonade

    You can follow along with your own recipes or purchase the 1 Week Menu Plan with exclusive Support/Community Access below to join in the Tournament for the Raw Cup!

    The menu plan has 7 different delightfully fun green smoothies, 7 different big delicious and very special salads with different greens as the base each day, 7 different nut/seed milks, and 7 different yummy and powerful green lemonades also with rotating greens for maximum nutrition!

    The menu plan makes it easy to follow along with The Rumpus, to know what to buy at the store (we provide the shopping lists), and has complete directions for preparing every meal for the whole week!

    We have an incredible Rumpus Community for members for support, blogging, chatting, and to connect with their team!


    The Rumpus lasts for 2 weeks. We repeat the 1 Week Menu Plan twice. You can opt to do it for just 1 week if you prefer.

    When you order you’ll download the complete menu plan and the 2 shopping lists. We recommend that you shop for the first list on the day before the start date, and the second list on Day 3 of the Rumpus.


    I’ll be sending out The Daily Rumpus email with instructions, inspiration and support to all the members to help you stay focused on your well-being.

    Join in the fun and compete in the Rumpus Tournament for The Raw Cup!


    House Cup Rules

    To participate in the Tournament part of the Rumpus, you will choose to join one of these 4 Houses:

    – Super Strawberries

    – Dangerous Dragonfruit

    – Mad Mangos

    – Grateful Grapes

    Screenshot from the online community…


    You will receive a spreadsheet on which to easily keep track of your points. (Or you can use your own notebook).

    You will give yourself points and take away points based on the scoring system below.

    At the end of the session, you will send in your total points.

    Each house has a Common Room (a Group Forum within the community) where you can connect with your team for inspiration, mutual support, building team spirit and hatching plots.

    The House with the greatest number of points at the end wins The Raw Cup, an online package of downloadable surprises!

    pointsThe Scoring System….

    Saying no to something that isn’t tempting: +50 points

    Resisting a mild temptation: +100 points

    Avoiding a situation where you know you will be sorely tempted: +200

    Not eating when making food for people: +300 points

    Walking away from a temptation when doing so makes you feel insane or sad or angry: +500 points

    Every time you make and eat/drink one of the recipes on the menu plan: +500

    Every time you make it between meals without snacking on anything except fruit and veggies: +500

    Every time you eat a bite of cooked food: -10

    Every time you eat a cooked snack: -50

    Every time you eat a cooked meal: -100

    Eating a healthy cooked side-dish with your raw meal: -20

    Coffee, per cup: -50

    Alcohol, per glass: -100

    Working out: +500 per half hour

    Drinking water: +100 per 8 oz. glass

    This is on the honor system. It will only really be fun for you if you honor the truth of your experience. That’s what this is about.

    You can even make up your own scoring system based on your own goals  for the program and your own boundaries with food and drink.

    Take it with a grain of Celtic Sea Salt. There is no beating yourself up allowed. But just for fun, in the spirit of this game, do your best! From experience I believe that you will be mightily helped in resisting temptation and succeeding on the program, in part because you don’t want to disappoint your team!!


    Are you ready to rumble?

    Order the Rumpus here!

    Most raw programs cost $97 and up! (Such as our 21 and 28 Days Raw Programs, which you can purchase here and receive the Rumpus as a Bonus Gift!)

    The Raw Rumpus costs only $37!

    Register for The Raw Thanksgiving Rumpus, which starts Monday November 13th, 2017, and get to also participate in The Mid-Holiday Rumpus (Dec 4th 2017) and The Christmas Rumpus (Dec 18th, 2017) for free!

    Order the Wild Rapid Raw Weight Release Rumpus for only $37 here!

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    The Raw Rumpus does not come with a Lifetime Membership. But we do have Lifetime Memberships on our Raw Support Programs here!


    The first two years of Raw Rumpus sessions have been a huge success!

    Here is some Raw Rumpus Feedback….

    Latest feedback…

    One of the reasons I signed up for this program was the group competition. I thought knowing that my actions would affect others would help me stay on the program. Now that I am here, I realize what really helps me the most is the point system. I like earning points for doing things that help me achieve my goals. I don’t like losing points for doing things that slow me down. But what I like best is the contrast, and the reason behind it. If I eat a bite of the lunch I make for the boys, my day is not ruined, I just lose a few points. If I go way off track, still far fewer points lost than gained the rest of the day for creating good habits. A mistake does not mean the end of the world; the points help to put our actions in perspective.

    – Darla



    I got 26,750 points over the two weeks!!

    Thanks!! I lost 15 pounds!!


    – K


    Hi Jinjee,

    This has been the best raw food program for me. Two weeks is the perfect length. One week to try it out and the next week to improve from the previous week. We get to interact with our group and feel the group’s energy to move forward with our goals.

    You are popping in every now and then so we hear from you often enough to help us along the way. For me it is a very good replacement for the REP program. That was too long and we all don’t start at the same time. It needed a beginning and an end in a short version like the raw rumpus. I appreciate you putting together the raw rumpus.

    Here’s my total score: 32,300

    Happy NEW YEAR and HAPPY NEW YOU !  :)


    – H


    Tuesday and I feel lighter than I have in a long time. The real victory has been getting out of my girdle which had become a second very tight skin to keep the bulge smooth. It feels good to wear my own skin and not feel my belly protruding over the panty line. Have walked for an hour for the last three days at 0530 am. Being up at that hour I feel like the streets are mine and every piece of Tarmac and concrete sidewalk seems to be celebrating every effort to lighten my spirit lighten my body access and refresh my dreams of who I want to be. What a relief to be able to tuck without the girdle! – B


    I have been 85% + raw the last three weeks and 100% vegan for much longer….. and today I noticed something that is a truly wonderful side effect to going raw…. my skin looks soooo much better!  I have never had much of a problem with blemishes, but have had a constant battle with large pores!  Even when I would put pore minimizer on they were so noticeable… to me especially!  Today as i was getting ready after my shower I noticed that my pores are so much smaller and my skin looks so amazing (in comparison), smooth, full of wonderful color, etc! I have, for over 12 years drank 1 gallon of water a day, and when I started this my skin got better as well.  However, now that I am eating so much healthier…. it’s even better!

    Thankful and motivated to see what other “side effects” I will encounter as I continue to journey down this RAW food journey!

    – M


    Thank you so much once again for your deep caring, your own authenticity, your invaluable guidance and creativity that puts all this together and helps us keep going.

    Wishing you and all the Rumpus players a wonderful two weeks before the games begin once again.

    – S


    Just wanted to let you know how great the meals taste. The juice was great! The blended smoothie was wonderful. I was surprised at how good it tasted. I wasn’t sure if I would like it.

    – J

    Apparently what I thought was going to be a challenging menu for its lightness is too much for some of our participants!!!

    …One member says:

    “For the 2 days worth of recipes I only managed to do one of the nut milks and one of the green lemonades. It is interesting that, even though it is the end of day 3, and at this point I have yet to ‘consume’ all the recipes for 3 days…I have not felt hungry or ‘deprived’ at all”. – C


    Every evening I’ve been lurking in the Rapid Raw Weight Release Forum and picking up these great tid-bits…On Day 6 one of our Grateful Grapes posted:


    “I too have lost 4 pounds and am feeling great. I honestly didn’t realize it would drop off that fast…it definitely startled me when I got on the scale, but I wasn’t disappointed!” – S


    And more…

    “Hi everyone. I’m so enjoying all the delicious food I’ve been eating these past few days. The morning smoothies in particular are divine! After all the greasy, heavy Thanksgiving food, I’m finding it just really wonderful and feel better already. Following a plan is also making me realize how much raw food one has to eat for this. I have not been hungry at all yet. Thanks Jinjee”.  – J

    “We put up our Christmas Tree today and we decorate it as a family and put candy canes on it. Well, without thinking (we always eat a candy cane), I put a piece in my mouth and literally panicked! I spit it out and said I am not suppose to eat this! So, my husband ate the rest for me. As soon as it touched my mouth I knew something was wrong!! I am excited for tomorrow! I have a long day at work. So, I juiced for two days and am ready to go!!” – K

    “What a great week!  I have released 4 pounds also.

    The BEST part is getting my ‘focus’ back to raw. I feel like something has clicked.  Lovely to feel back on track.

    The points are a great incentive.  I have been doing a big salad at lunch and  big smoothie for dinner, snacking on 15 nuts if hungry. Love the salad recipe variety. :)

    AM going shopping for pumpkin seeds  because I can’t wait to taste the pumpkin milk. Super excited to do week 2.

    Every day this week a co-worker has brought snickers bars and has offered me one after lunch + eaten one in front of me. Normally that would be an “ok.” on my part…but I have resisted easily!  Not even tempted….wow!  :) Mango madness prevails!  :)” – L


    “Ok, I too have been hit with the energy bug.  I went for a long walk the other day even though I knew I would also be attending my rowing class later.  Rowing burns a lot of energy with many burst and a 250 meter race against my own best time.  I’ve beat my best time every time since starting RRWR.

    I’ve been uncluttering the house too.  I have the intention of moving and feel it would be a good idea to have the house ‘move ready’ when the time comes.”


    In Joy!